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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I possibly find my topic among 25,000 student papers!?

SIMPLE!!! .....follow one of two easy steps in searching through our vast selection of student papers.... At the easiest way to find a student essay on your topic to enter a few keywords in the "paper search" box and then hit the "enter" key...  and in only seconds... youíll see a list of available student papers that are presented in the order of greatest relevance to your topic. 

The second way to find what you need at to return to our home page and choose a specific subject category related to the school paper that you are working on...  from the index. When you do that... a random list of available papers in that particular field will appear on your screen.

Keep in mind that the second option is the most useful ....if you are working on a very broad subject area. If you are not completely certain where you want the focus of your own paper to be ...or what direction your research should take ...then the subject search can be especially useful.


Where did you get all of these student papers?

Even though we call ourselves..., we are really ""!! The researchers and writers at are the people who have written all of the student papers ....every last one of these more than 25,000 papers. We have never purchased a paper from a student or an outside source...  ...Every single student paper, term paper, essay, research report, creative example, and journal review on this site.... was produced by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., and then added to our online catalog index for resale. We donít have some experience in virtually every academic field imaginable . . . we have "A" lot of experience.

Just think of it... all this expertise is awaiting your use. Download one (or more) of our example papers, cite us as a source in your own report, and get the grade "A" help you need!


Can I preview any student papers before I buy it?

Yes!!! (And we encourage it!). Just email us the file name of the advertised student paper(s) you want to check out ....and the staff at will send you a free one-page excerpt within just a few hours! ....In fact, we'll even answer the most general questions you may have about a paper (its bibliography, its focus, thesis, intent or more) -- don't hesitate to ask us! a "smart shopper" and learn all about any student papers that are listed on our site before you place your order.



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